Savour My Shanti January 17 - February 13, Monday to Thursday. 3 course dinner $25.00 / person
My Shanti Restaurant is closed on January 16th.
Join Chefs Stefan Hartmann and Vikram Vij at My Shanti on January 16th for a feast. $99 / person for four course dinner with wine pairings. ..Sold Out..

Our Story

My Shanti is a reflection of the personal and culinary journeys that I’ve taken with friends throughout India. Each dish has been chosen to represent the uniqueness of a particular region’s cuisine. My explorations took me from the kitchens of home cooks and executive chefs to the ubiquitous street food stalls, exchanging ideas and discovering spice mixtures, ingredients and techniques.

This restaurant is a homage to the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine. I hope that the bold flavours and our style of cooking, along with the passion that we bring to each dish, will excite your palate and arouses your senses.

Namaste and enjoy!

Vikram Vij



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